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Ivan L. Friedman Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
Ivan L. Friedman

Ivan L. Friedman

President and CEO

Mr. Friedman founded RCS in 1981 to facilitate restructuring strategies for retail companies. Over four decades, he has become widely recognized for his industry leadership and proven track record of successes thanks to his vast retail industry knowledge and experience, foresight of market trends and exceptional negotiating skills. Mr. Friedman spent decades as chairman and CEO of national retail companies, successfully navigating turbulent market cycles. When exorbitant interest rates, inflationary rents and recessionary economic conditions threatened the solvency of many retailers, Mr. Friedman developed an unmatched skill in renegotiating contractual obligations to win the terms necessary for retailers to survive and thrive in difficult market environments. Today, Mr. Friedman remains a driving force behind the success of RCS Real Estate Advisors, working with a team that shares his thorough understanding of and extensive experience in retail real estate.