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Growth & Development Services

Maximize the Value of Your Business.

Unlocking the true value of any retail business begins with building a professional footprint where all real estate assets work to their full potential. Our Retail Growth & Development Services division looks beyond any singular facet of service to recognize and secure optimal locations, rent, and lease terms that are most opportune for you. RCS Real Estate Advisors utilizes our extensive real estate experience and deep understanding of the retail industry to offer a number of client- and site-specific services proven to enhance business growth and development while contributing to a more robust bottom line.

Our Retail Growth & Development Services include:

Strategy Assessment and Development

Assess, develop and refine targeted business strategies that best accomplish each client’s specific business goals and financial objectives.

Site Selection

Utilize extensive real estate expertise and strong landlord relationships to secure the ideal locations needed to meet and/or exceed performance goals, whether in a mall, strip center, or free-standing location – locally, regionally or nationally.

Lease Negotiation

Employ keen negotiation skills to aggressively and effectively secure the optimal locations at the rent and lease terms that best address each client’s unique circumstances.

Process Coordination

Provide each client with the confidence and peace of mind that every step of the store opening process will function smoothly and effectively.