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Axios: Spence Mehl Quoted in Axios Article on the Current Retail Market with Richard Collings

NEW YORK – July 26, 2022 – RCS partner, Spence Mehl, had the pleasure of chatting about all things “retail real estate” and its booming industry with Richard Collings for Axios. Read the Spence’s commentary here:

“Like many of the recently released data points on retail and consumption, these latest results are lagging indicators,” says Spence Mehl, a partner at RCS Real Estate Advisors, which works with a number of retailers. “Stores take months to open from finding the right location to negotiating the lease to designing and building the store itself,” he tells Axios. “With looming economic uncertainty, retailers have begun to scale back their plans, the effect of which will become clear in about six months,” Mehl says.