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Globe Street: RCS Real Estate Advisors selected as a Globe St. Influencer in Retail.

We are proud to share that RCS Real Estate Advisors has been selected as a recipient of the Globe Street Influencer in Retail Award winner for our ability to find opportunities that others missed, saving clients hundreds of millions of dollars by opening stores nationwide while aggressively negotiating extensions, rent reliefs and terminations, and its role helping a major omnichannel retailer with rent relief in nearly 550 stores across the country to correct previous over expansion, among other accomplishments. Congrats to the entire RCS team!

Globe Street Influencer In Retail Award description: “If it weren’t for the current economic uncertainty, we could say that it has never been a better time to be in retail real estate. Fundamentals are sound with vacancy rates at historic lows and for the first quarter of 2023, retail sales performed relatively well “showing the shallowest decline in deal volume across the major property types,” according to a report by MSCI.

It is easy to perform in this environment but the true test will come if the U.S. economy worsens and consumers pull back on spending, which many economists forecast will happen in the coming months. We believe that the men, women, teams and companies we have selected as our retail influencers for this year will be able to pass that test. After all, the sector has seen difficult times in the recent past and went on to not only survive but thrive. Watch it happen again and read the next several pages if you want to see who we bet will be leading the vanguard.”

View the award announcement here