What We Offer

A Proven Track Record of Achievement.

For more than a quarter century, RCS Real Estate Advisors has crafted customized retail real estate solutions for our clients that have resulted in established, long-term relationships throughout the industry. As the preeminent advisory firm in the retail real estate industry, RCS maintains a steady flow of successful client engagements with leading retailers across North America. We’re also actively engaged in industry events and activities that keep us at the leading edge of retail real estate issues.

All members of the RCS Real Estate Advisors team are seasoned professionals that share a common goal: to provide the best thinking in the industry that leads to highly successful retail real estate strategies. The results are impressive:

RCS Client Roster
More than 250 national retailers, banks, private equity firms and other financial institutions

Top Performance
• Renegotiation of 150,000+ leases with over $4.0 billion in lease savings
• Disposition of 10,000+ unwanted real estate assets through termination, assignment or sale
• Valuation services for 25,000+ leases

RCS Real Estate Advisors’ proven real estate expertise and comprehensive understanding of the retail industry have enabled us to develop three distinct but complementary practice areas, each designed to add significant value for clients.

Growth & Development Services

Maximize the Value of Your Business.

Unlocking the true value of any retail business begins with building a professional footprint where all real estate assets work to their full potential. Our Retail Growth & Development Services division looks beyond any singular facet of service to recognize and secure optimal locations, rent, and lease terms that are most opportune for you. RCS Real Estate Advisors utilizes our extensive real estate experience and deep understanding of the retail industry to offer a number of client- and site-specific services proven to enhance business growth and development while contributing to a more robust bottom line.

Our Retail Growth & Development Services include:

Strategy Assessment and Development
Assess, develop and refine targeted business strategies that best accomplish each client’s specific business goals and financial objectives.

Site Selection
Utilize extensive real estate expertise and strong landlord relationships to secure the ideal locations needed to meet and/or exceed performance goals, whether in a mall, strip center, or free-standing location – locally, regionally or nationally.

Lease Negotiation
Employ keen negotiation skills to aggressively and effectively secure the optimal locations at the rent and lease terms that best address each client’s unique circumstances.

Process Coordination
Provide each client with the confidence and peace of mind that every step of the store opening process will function smoothly and effectively.

“Without RCS Real Estate Advisors, the optimization of our retail footprint would have had very different results.”

– Rick Cote, President and COO, Movado Group, Inc.

Restructuring & Portfolio Optimization

Unlock Maximum Value Within Your Current Retail Real Estate.

Our Restructuring & Portfolio Optimization division draws on our long history of effectively solving and anticipating complex real estate problems that compromise performance and pose significant challenges to retail businesses. Whether working with healthy retailers to implement the best strategy and tactics needed to enhance performance at lower performing locations, or assisting distressed clients by resolving critical decisions needed to turn around a business, RCS Real Estate Advisors work tenaciously to unlock the hidden potential within each client’s real estate portfolio to optimize retail business performance.

Our understanding of the challenges presented in these situations, coupled with our strong landlord relationships, enables us to unlock value others don’t recognize and transform underperforming real estate into high-performing assets.

Our Restructuring & Portfolio Optimization services include:

Portfolio Assessment
Create site- and project-specific comprehensive strategies for every location incorporating an entrepreneurial perspective and a range of broader industry insights.

Rent Renegotiation
Unequaled experience and proven track record for highly successful results in this highly complex, relationship-driven niche.

Lease Termination
Extensive landlord relationships greatly enhance our ability to negotiate economically favorable exit strategies for underperforming locations securing the most value for our clients.

Property Disposition & Sales
Vast market knowledge and resourcefulness enable us to identify third parties that can realize the greatest benefit from surplus, distressed and other retail real estate – and secure the terms most favorable to our clients.

Equity Investments
We have the capital and expertise necessary to provide our clients with immediate solutions whether it be to purchase lease designation rights, acquire distressed assets or to guarantee lease buyouts amounts.

“As our outsourced real estate arm, RCS Real Estate Advisors has done a phenomenal job of positioning our business.”

– Michael Katz, President and CEO, Perfumania Holdings Inc.

Outsourced Real Estate Management

Cost-Effective Tactics to Meet Your Retail Real Estate Needs.

One of our specialties is the ability to operate as a complete outsourced real estate department for those clients who prefer not to administer an internal department. RCS Real Estate Advisors goes beyond the initial transactions to provide continuous management of our clients’ portfolios to ensure their real estate is always performing at optimal levels. We handle everything from evaluation to strategy and execution, maintaining the clear goal of optimization and growth in order to help realign retail businesses and improve positions within the marketplace.

As we partner with our clients through the strategic implementation process, we deliver measurable results that turn potential value into actual value. We have established an exceptional track record based on successful strategic implementation, entrepreneurial expertise, financial acumen, client-first perspective, and senior-level landlord relationships.

As your outsourced real estate partner, RCS handles all matters related to the store fleet including:

• Providing overall advice, guidance and recommendations on all real estate matters
• Assisting with the development of real estate strategies and ensuring optimal performance
• Implementing that strategy to both optimize existing real estate and meet growth targets
• Interfacing with the landlord on any and all matters that require attention