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Trend Watch

Congratulations Vitamin World

Brookstone Makers Showcase

Ivan Friedman

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Trend Watch

You guessed it! It’s all about the guest!

For all the bad press about retail and malls during the past few years, and vintage brands like Toys“R”Us, Sears, and The Limited disappearing, there is still some good news for those brands that take the shopper or “guest” experience seriously.

The 21st century consumer is beyond demanding. Retailers and landlords have to work harder to get their business because these “I want it now and I want perfection” consumers put up a fight for every dollar they spend. With all the choices they have, today it’s all about the guest experience.

There are many cases of top retailers and landlords looking to create guest experiences in their stores and shopping centers. For instance:

• Brookstone Makers Showcase, featuring the best of crowd-funding and ever-changing tech from around the world. It’s a marketplace full of new and innovative products.

• Simon Property Group’s digital directories and parking aids, digital parking reservations, Disney Junior Play Zones and many other guest experience techniques and special events to coax the shopper off of the web and physically into the centers.

These are just a couple of examples of how the guest experience is being made more unique and enjoyable and giving consumers a solid reason to take a trip to the mall.

The more retailers and landlords participate in these trends, the better chance brick and mortar has to not just survive, but to thrive again.

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Vitamin World Logo Congratulations Vitamin World!

RCS Real Estate Advisors congratulates their client Vitamin World for successfully emerging from Chapter 11.

After successfully emerging from Chapter 11, Vitamin World announced that it has been acquired by Feihe International, Inc., one of the leading distributors of premium infant formula in China. Vitamin World USA Corporation will immediately work together with Feihe to strengthen domestic operations and expand the 40-year-old brand into the Pacific Rim.

Michael Madden, CEO of Vitamin World states, “We are extremely fortunate to have such a strategic partner that not only truly understands our industry, but has the vision and ability to help Vitamin World rapidly gain significant global expansion.”

RCS is pleased to operate as real estate advisor to Vitamin World and to have been a key part of their successful efforts to restructure.

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Vitamin World Logo Congratulations to our Retail Partners at Brookstone for its successful launch of Brookstone Makers Showcase Store!

On April 21st, Brookstone debuted their new store concept “Brookstone Makers Showcase” at Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, NY. The retail platform will give tech brands and emerging product makers access to US malls by using Brookstone stores as a launch pad, providing them with the opportunity to collect valuable customer feedback for product development. The platform will also help manufacturers and brands sell product in A-level malls at prices low enough to compete with online retailers.

Makers Showcase gives customers a hands-on experience with new products and will feature ever-changing demonstrations by the representatives.

The launch was a huge success, beating sales expectations. Brookstone plans to roll out this concept over the next 12 months in 10 additional high-profile centers.

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